Grinder Pump Repair and Installation

close-up of a damaged grinder pump

What are grinder pumps, and who needs them?

Not all constructions require grinder pumps. These plumbing mechanisms are used when a facility’s plumbing is at a lower grade than the main or if the sewage has to travel long distances. If a residence or building is at a lower elevation than the sewer main, the grinder pump works against gravity, grinds down larger waste, and forces the slurry up into the public sewer system. A type of sewage pump, grinder pumps are powerful mechanisms that cut through solids and direct wastewater to the sewer main. Though powerful and durable, these pumps sometimes require maintenance or replacement. For those times, there’s My Plumbers LLC. We offer grinder pump repair and installations in Asheville, NC. Our licensed plumbers are just a call away. Dial 828-708-7107 with all your plumbing questions or to schedule your service.

My Plumbers LLC Can Solve Your Grinder Pump Problems

Grinder pumps are relatively low maintenance, but as with any mechanical device, malfunctions can and eventually do occur. What are some common issues with grinder pumps, and how can you tell if grinder pump repair is necessary? 

  • Blockage. Grease, dirt, and other debris can accumulate in grinder pumps and cause slow drainage or sewage backups in your home. Avoid flushing things like kitty litter, paint, oil, and feminine hygiene products to minimize the likelihood of grinder pump clogs.
  • Frozen grinder pump. Properly installed grinder pumps are buried below the frost line, but if improperly placed, sewage in the pipe can freeze, preventing it from moving along. Frozen pipes are especially vulnerable to cracking and potential bursting, so be sure to call professionals if you suspect a frozen grinder pump.
  • Clots. Noticing a strange sound whenever your grinder pump is activated? It could be a clot. These form when a large piece of debris gets stuck to the inner workings of the pump. As time passes, more debris accumulates. This results in a pump that operates slowly or more frequently than necessary.

Leading Plumbers in Asheville, NC

Grinder pumps are powerful mechanisms that pulverize hard solids in sewage and create a slurry that easily flows to higher elevations. Because of their superior grinding capabilities, grinder pumps use more energy than regular sewer ejector pumps. They are also more expensive. The good news is that grinder pumps are not necessary in all constructions, and when grinder pump installation is required, these devices are low maintenance and don’t require service too often. If you know your grinder pump is in need of repair or if you need grinder pump installation in Asheville, NC, call the plumbing experts at My Plumbers LLC. Dial  828-708-7107, and we can help you decide the best course of action. We have years of experience in the industry and are eager to put our expertise to work for you.