Well Pump Repair and Installation

groundwater well attached to a plumbing pump

An Alternate Fresh Water Source

Even without access to municipal water, homeowners can obtain fresh water thanks to well pumps. Well pumps are hooked up to underground water sources and pump water up to the surface. There are different kinds of well pumps and which one to choose depends on the size and depth of your well. There are two main types of modern well pumps: submersible and jet pumps. Jet well pumps sit above ground and use a motor and suction to extract water from underground. Submersible pumps are buried below ground and use pressure to push water to the surface and into an above-ground reservoir. Hand pumps and centrifugal well pumps are also available. These pumps are single pipes, similar to a straw, that sit above ground. These simple pumps are more common for properties that operate off grid or those with shallow wells where other types of pumps may not work. 

Typical Signs of a Faulty Well Pump

Operating on a well system means that you won’t have a monthly municipal water bill. It also means that if something goes awry or public water becomes contaminated, you still have access to fresh water. However, having a well means that you are responsible for well-related maintenance. There are certain things homeowners can look out for when deciding whether well pump repair is in order. 

A decrease in water pressure can indicate a failing well pump. Faucets intermittently spitting air can indicate that the water table has dropped at or below the well pump, and the pump is pulling up air. This is a serious issue that could require drilling the well deeper. Spitting air can also be the result of a crack in one of the pump’s pipes.

With time, sand and sediment can spill into your well and make its way into your well pump. These debris are very harsh on your well pump. Also, if you notice a change in your well water’s color, taste, or smell, reach out to a professional. Loud or strange noises, higher than normal electric bills, and a water pump that constantly cycles on and off are all indications that your well pump may be in need of repair or replacement. Experiencing these or other plumbing problems? Call 828-708-7107, and let us handle your well water woes.

We Can Help

Generally speaking, a well pump won’t entirely fail; instead, it will slowly decline in its performance. If you notice any of the signs above, reach out to the plumbing experts at My Plumbers LLC. Our team of experts has over a decade of experience in the plumbing industry and can help keep your well pump in good repair. If your Asheville, NC, home operates on a well system, My Plumbers LLC can be the company for all your well repair and installation needs. 828-708-7107 is the number to dial.