Pressure Tank Repair and Installation

pressure tank in a basement

Problems With Your Pressure Tank?

Pressure tanks are designed to maintain pressure in a well water system. The tank stores water which is released under pressure when a faucet or water-powered appliance is turned on. Pressure tanks keep the well pump from starting and stopping each time someone in the home uses water. Pressure tanks are essential for maintaining pressure in a well water system and increasing the longevity of the well pump. A failing pressure tank can present itself in several ways and failing to address a damaged tank can result in the catastrophic end of your well pump. Western North Carolina residents can call My Plumbers LLC for pressure tank repair in Asheville, NC. If you suspect pressure tank repair, call before it’s too late. Dial 828-708-7107 today.

How does a pressure tank work?

As the well pump fills the pressure tank with water, the air inside the tank is compressed, resulting in increased pressure inside the tank. When water is extracted from the tank, the pressure lowers to a predetermined cut-on point, and the well pump turns on to refill the tank. As the tank fills up, pressure increases until it reaches a predetermined cut-off point. Once the desired pressure is achieved within the tank, the well pump remains off until the pressure in the tank drops to a certain level. And then the cycle repeats itself.

Pressure tanks help preserve the life of your well pump by lessening the number of times it turns on and off. Pressure tanks are available in several sizes with different water holding capacities.

How can I tell if my pressure tank is damaged?

Pressure tanks are the saving grace of well pumps. But what happens when they fail to function as they should? A change in color, smell, and taste of water and/or the presence of bubbles in the water may hint toward a failing pressure tank. Increased sediment, hardness, sulfate, and iron in the water may point to failing tanks as well. If you notice decreased water pressure, lowered levels of water yielded by the pump, or increased electrical costs, it may be time to invest in pressure tank repair in Asheville, NC.

What happens if I don’t tend to my failing well pressure tank?

When your well’s pressure tank quits functioning as it ought, the well pump and plumbing can suffer harm. Increased electrical bills, well pump failure, and water hammer are problems that can occur as the result of a failing pressure tank.

Water hammer is a phenomenon that happens when an open valve in a plumbing system suddenly closes. The water in the pipes slams against the closed valve and reverses direction back to the pump. Because water cannot be compressed, the impact of the water results in a shock wave that sounds as if the pipeline were being pounded with a hammer. Failing to address this hydraulic shock can result in pipes leaking, rupturing, or damaging connected pumps and valves in the system.

Increased electricity usage may occur as the result of a failing pressure tank. For example, a broken foot valve may make the well pump run constantly. The motor of a well pump that is constantly activated can easily overheat and wear down prematurely.

Pressure Tank Repair and Installation in a City Near You

Pressure tanks are essential for the well-being and function of your well water system. If you suspect your pressure tank is falling into disrepair, don’t wait until your pipes rupture. Be proactive, and reach out to your local plumbing experts. In Asheville, NC, pressure tank repair and installation is just a call away. Dial 828-708-7107 to book your consultation.