Sewer Line Cleaning and Replacement

plumber providing sewer line replacement

Blocked Sewer Line Repair Services Are Just a Call Away

Sewer lines direct wastewater away from your home, and they’re wonderful when they’re flowing well. But when your main sewer line is blocked, you have a big problem on your hands, and it’s not going to get any better without the help of a professional plumber. It’s easy to become anxious and confused when a sewer line backs up and sewage starts seeping through your drains and into your home, but if you need an emergency plumber in Asheville, NC, My Plumbers LLC is here to guide you through the appropriate steps to take when your home’s sewer lines are blocked.

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How can I tell if I need sewer line cleaning?

If you flush the toilet and water gurgles up through the drain of your tub, or you run your washing machine and the sinks begin to overflow, you likely need sewer line cleaning. This water backing up in random places happens because the clog in the sewer line impedes the flow of the wastewater and it comes back up through your drains instead.

If you’re experiencing problems with a single drain backing up or having restricted flow, you may have a clogged drain and not a clogged sewer line. Clogged drains are sometimes simple fixes that can be cleared with a drain snake and other DIY methods. Sewer line cleaning, on the other hand, is a hefty undertaking requiring licensed and experienced plumbers.

What to Do if You Have a Backed Up Sewer Line

If you have a clog in your sewer line, you can’t safely use any drain in your home until the clog is removed. This makes sewer line cleaning a plumbing emergency, and you can’t wait for the problem to go away on its own. Don’t try to fix the problem. Household drain snakes and drain cleaners won’t clear up a clogged sewer line. On the contrary, drain cleaners can cause damage to pipes and you may need to get sewer lines replaced. Instead, shut off the water and call My Plumbers LLC. 828-708-7107 is the number you need for sewer line cleaning in Asheville, NC.