Slab Leak Repair

A Slab Leak Repair

Fixing Leaks Under Your Home’s Foundation

Some homes are built on crawl spaces and others are built on basements. Many homes are built on slabs. A slab is a type of foundation and is made of a four to six-inch thick piece of concrete. Slab foundations are valued for their ease of installation, affordability, and quick curing process. When a home is built on a slab, pipes are installed in the ground under the slab and insulated with soil and gravel. But time, corrosion, and other factors can cause pipes to leak. 

Unfortunately, if your pipes are underground below a huge chunk of concrete, noticing a leak may not be so simple. Sometimes, there are certain signs — like a consistent sound of rushing water, increased water bills, and lowered water pressure. Other times, there are no symptoms at all. Investing in regular inspection and maintenance is the best way to avoid slab leaks. Using advanced technology, plumbers can isolate and address leaks in your slab and other portions of your home. If you suspect a slab leak, call us at 828-708-7107 and schedule your consultation.

Common Slab Leak Warning Signs

Slab leaks are notoriously difficult to detect. There are, however, some warning signs that can hint at slab leaks. These include:

  • Water spots on the floor
  • Gaps between your floor and wall
  • Windows and doors that are difficult to open
  • Soft spots, water stains, and/or bubbling on your flooring material
  • An increase in mold growth in certain parts of your home
  • A cracked foundation

If you’ve noticed one or several of these indicators, it’s possible that you have a slab leak. Left unattended, a slab leak could lead to the eruption of your floor due to pressure from the leak below. In extreme instances, homeowners have a geyser-like fountain burst forth through their floor. 

Correcting a Leak in Your Home’s Slab Foundation

Pipes under a slab are highly inaccessible, making detection and repair an extensive project. Once a leak is located, though, there are several ways to correct a leaking pipe under a slab. One of the most dramatic ways of repairing a slab leak is by jackhammering through the floor and concrete and accessing the pipe. This method is effective, but if the plumber incorrectly identifies the location of the leak, you’ll end up with holey ground and not much to show for it.

If you prefer a less invasive correction method, plumbers can tunnel under the slab and access the pipe that way. This method is ideal if you wish to preserve expensive flooring or remain in your home while the leak is addressed. With this method, an excavation crew digs a small access pit and then tunnels horizontally until they reach the repair location under the slab. Plumbers may also choose to re-route or re-pipe a portion of your home’s plumbing.

Choose My Plumbers LLC for Slab Leak Repairs in Asheville, NC

A slab leak is a serious problem, and repairing it is quite an undertaking. Hiring the wrong team could result in even more damage, so knowing who to trust in an instance like this is crucial. My Plumbers LLC has decades of experience offering slab leak repair in and around Asheville, NC. Each of our plumbers is licensed, so you can hire us knowing that whoever comes to your house knows what they’re doing. If you want the job done right the first time around, look no further than My Plumbers LLC.  In addition to slab leak repair, we offer a range of residential plumbing services including water filtration system installations, toilet repairs and install, gas line installation, and more. If you want quality work at a price you can afford, you want My Plumbers LLC. Call 828-708-7107 to get started.