Main Water Line Repairs

burst water line surrounded by water

When Money’s the Main Concern…

Main water line repair work is not cheap. On top of paying for materials, you’ll need to budget between $70 to $120 per hour in labor costs. Sound scary? We thought so, too, which is why we came up with a fixed price system. We tell you what you’ll owe up front so there are no surprises when your service is complete. When money’s the main concern, choose My Plumbers LLC for main water line repairs in Asheville, NC.

Common Types of Damage to Main Water Lines

The main water line provides water to all faucets and fixtures in the home. These water lines can be made from CPVC, PEX, or copper. The cost for main water line repair can depend on the reason behind the damage as well as pipe material. Cracked pipes are among the least expensive of repairs followed by broken pipes. Corroded pipe repair requires a bit more of a monetary investment because all corroded portions will need to be removed and replaced (which typically means replacing the whole pipe).

If you’re on a budget, you may be wondering if you can perform main water line repairs on your own. The short answer is, no. Most local governments only allow licensed plumbers to perform main water line repairs. 

Signs and Causes of Damaged Main Water Lines

Busted main water lines often reveal themselves through the low water pressure they cause. Sometimes, the low-pressured water appears rust colored and foul smelling. Outdoors, noticing cracks in your home’s foundation or puddles in your yard lets you know that something’s not right with the line underneath. And if you hear running water when no one’s using the plumbing, it’s not a ghost taking a shower — it’s probably a failing main water line.

Things like freezing temperatures, tree roots, and corrosion can cause your main water line to burst. A leaking line can waste a lot of money and clean water, and if you suspect a leak, you should call a plumber. In western North Carolina, My Plumbers LLC offers main water line repairs. We charge a $40 dispatch fee, but that fee is waived if any work is approved. Put your doubts to rest, and call 828-708-7107 for service in a city near you.