Garbage Disposal Repair

A Garbage Disposal Under a Sink

 A Different Way to Deal with Food Scraps

Garbage disposals are small units installed under your kitchen sink. Similar to a traditional drain, food scraps go down the disposal and combine with water to form a slurry that is sent to your septic tank or sewer. A garbage disposal removes the need for composting or sending food scraps to the landfill. Though garbage disposals are durable, they can malfunction from time to time. If your disposal hums but doesn’t grind, leaks, drains slowly, or won’t turn on at all, call the professional plumbers at My Plumbers LLC. We can diagnose the problem with your garbage disposal and have it back to proper functionality in no time. Dial 828-708-7107 today.

What can I put in my garbage disposal?

The best way to keep your garbage disposal functioning properly is to avoid putting the wrong things in it. Starchy foods, like rice and pasta, expand as they become saturated with water and have the potential to clog your disposal. Starchy vegetables have a similar effect. Fibers in fibrous vegetables like celery and asparagus can wrap themselves around the blades of your disposal. Grease, banana peels, large bones, paper scraps, and onion skins are also a no-go for the garbage disposal.

So what can you put in your disposal? A lot. Peach pits, corn cobs, leftovers, and small bones are all fair game for garbage disposals. Though the disposal may be quite loud and vibrate, experts say that grinding these things is perfectly safe. However, if you plan on regularly grinding hard foods, it may be worth your while to invest in a heavy-duty garbage disposal.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems to Look Out For

A garbage disposal is a valuable tool in the kitchen, keeping you from having to excessively scrape off plates. As with all mechanisms, however, garbage disposals sometimes fall into disrepair. Garbage disposals often become jammed, caused when something keeps the disposal blades from turning. A jammed disposal will make a humming sound and slowly drain liquids. Trying to dispose of too much food at once or failing to flush the drain with water can lead to a jam.

Garbage disposals can leak from the side, top, bottom, and into the dishwasher. Leaking garbage disposals are messy and smelly and often caused by a worn-out O-ring, gasket, or flange or improper connections with the dishwasher or drain pipe. A noisy garbage disposal, especially the sound of grinding metal, might mean that something is stuck between the blades or that a part of the garbage disposal has been displaced. If your disposal is totally unresponsive, maybe the electrical switch needs to be replaced, or the reset button may have popped out.

My Plumbers LLC is at Your Disposal for All Your Garbage Disposal Needs

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