Sewage Ejector Pump Repair and Installation

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Keep Raw Sewage Out Your Home

Sewage ejector pumps handle raw sewage in basements and other low-lying areas of the house. These pumps use a motor to create a vacuum, and this vacuum helps pull sewage and wastewater from the home and send it through to sewer or septic lines. Sewer ejector pumps are commonly used when sewer and septic lines are not at the same level as the home’s plumbing. Sewage ejector pumps are essential and keep your basement from filling with raw sewage.

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Differences between sump pumps and sewer ejector pumps

Sump pump and sewer ejector pumps both operate in lower lying areas of the home. They look similar and are both housed in small basins in the basement floor. However, sump pumps deal with groundwater, and sewer ejector pumps handle wastewater and greywater from basement toilets, sinks, showers, and appliances. While greywater doesn’t contain human waste, it may contain other contaminants, such as cleaning products, hair, and bits of food.

Sump pumps are necessary for basements and crawl spaces in areas prone to flooding due to a high water table or heavy rainfall. Sewer ejector pumps, on the other hand, are necessary if you have water-consuming appliances in the basement or lower level of your home.

Ejector pump basins are generally sealed with a lid, and those handling greywater or human waste have a vent pipe attached to the lid to allow the venting of sewer gasses. Ejector pumps have discharge pipes that run into the sewer line and then into the municipal sewer or private septic tank.

Let Us Handle Your Dirty Work

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