Whole House Water Treatment Systems

whole house water treatment

The Whole House Deserves Truly Clean Water

Water filtration and purification systems help eliminate chemicals and viruses in potable water. There are several kinds of filters and purifiers, and each kind serves a unique purpose. In many cases, filters are installed under the sink. The problem with these systems, however, is that they usually only service a particular faucet or area of the house. But if you want clean water all throughout the home, a whole house water treatment is the way to go. Whole house water filters connect to the main water supply line and filter water going to dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and other areas that receive water. While Asheville, NC, has pretty clean water sources, contaminants can still be a concern. My Plumbers LLC can answer any questions you may have about whole house water treatment systems or any other water cleansing method. 828-708-7107 is the number to call for water treatment options in Asheville, NC.

Benefits of Whole House Water Treatment

When a sink or refrigerator filter won’t suffice, installing a filter on the main water supply line allows home and business owners to enjoy filtered water in all water-fed devices, including showers, fridges, and sinks. Filtering water has many benefits.

  • Removes chlorine. Municipalities use chlorine and other agents to rid our water of pathogens. But eek! Now there’s chlorine in the water! Regularly consuming chlorinated water can exacerbate respiratory ailments and increase the risk of food allergies. Chlorinated water consumption has been associated with different kinds of cancer and birth defects, and it just tastes nasty when chlorine levels are particularly high.
  • Longer lasting plumbing and appliances. Minerals in water can build up in plumbing and appliances and cause clots and premature deterioration. Hard water can build up in shower heads and result in lowered pressure.
  • Financially and environmentally friendly. Many people buy bottled water as a safer, healthier alternative to tap water. But the truth is that bottled water contains microplastics that leech from the water’s packaging. These bottles also pose a horrible threat to the environment, where they often end up in oceans or landfills and take up to 450 years to decompose.
  • Healthier drinking water, baths, and showers. Contaminated water cannot only upset your innards, but when you shower and bathe in dirty water, it is absorbed by your skin as well.

Trust My Plumbers LLC to Keep Your Home’s Water Safe

Whether your home receives water from a city source or a private well, whole house water treatment allows you and your loved ones to reap the many benefits of truly clean water. Taste and feel the difference of purified water throughout your home or business. Our team of expert plumbers offer whole house water treatment system installation and repair in Asheville, NC. We work with quality products installed by trained professionals to guarantee a job done right the first time around.